Beach Cites Engraving and Graphics

Beach Cites Engraving and Graphics is a one-stop shop in the evolution of a design from conception to completion.
We take the design idea and apply it to tangible products assisting in branding and marketing for individuals and companies.
We also harbor the ability to apply the same passion and quality to your custom piece or personalized gift.

Apply your logo to

unique products

If a design is not what is necessary, we can take your vectorized logo and put it on nearly any material you like. We can apply your logo to pens, identification tags, colored and stainless-steel tumblers, knife handles and blades, trophies, and plaques. We also have the ability to cut acrylic for production or promotion purposes, including interior 3D signage of your logo illuminated on acrylic in the color of your choosing.



Jonathan's bachelor of arts degree in graphics and marketing from The Art institute of San Diego solidified the skillset needed to produce eye catching graphics and custom art. His longevity in the field developed his imagination and experience to create custom art and happy clients. he brings the customer from idea to finalized products and installation if needed. Having worked previously in sign and graphics shops, in addition to his time in the printing industry, Jonathan's expertise and commitment to quality show in the work he produces and ability to provide a solution to his clients.


Lori earned her social science bachelor of arts degree from the University of California, Irvine. Prior to becoming a social science major she studied both chemistry and engineering for three years thus giving her the skillset to earn both her chemistry and mathematics teaching credentials. Lori's analytical and engineering skills complement Jonathan's creativity and expertise in the field. They work together to tackle any project, ensuring all clients love their finished product.